Why top politicians in Pakistan have UAE Iqama?

Recently, there have been lots of disclosures about top politicians, like Prime Minister, chief ministers, federal and provincial ministers all having UAE 'iqama' sticker fixed on their passports. So lots of people are asking, why these top 'leaders' need UAE iqama?

Actually, iqama can be used for many purposes. In many middle eastern countries, it's kind of a resident permit.

Locally it helps you to:

  • open a bank account
  • rent a house
  • get a driving license or permit
  • and for almost everything...
Internationally it helps you

  • declare yourself a resident of that country (and avoid taxes, bank account disclosure if requested by your citizenship country government, etc)
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One wonders, why they need iqama? They have a lot of money and can buy second citizenship. Maybe they don't know?