Was Nawaz Sharif disqualified on the basis of 'fake' document?

Was Nawaz Sharif disqualified on the basis of 'fake' document?

As reported in The News, the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was disqualified on the basis of a document which has discrepancies. The passport number, official chop, and other information on the document appear to be conflicting and different from if it was original.
Although these 'facts' were not disputed by the aggrieved party in the court why are these discrepancies? How was this document obtained and was any verification done? These are the questions which come to mind.

So now this question is the new topic for everyone in Pakistan and what are the answers to it, no one knows. Will this so called 'fake document' be investigated in the future? Will this point be raised in the review petition of the aggrieved former Prime Minister? All these are questions which keep everyone fingers crossed.

If there is any doubt or if it proved that the document was really fake, this may boost Nawaz Sharif's public ranking again and pave the way for his party's possible success in the next election. This is the question which needs answers.

Also, if the document which has discrepancies, is really fake, then the question is who is fooling whom? Let not be judgemental at this time and let the disclosures in the coming days reveal the real story behind this disclosure. So let's keep the fingers crossed.

Reference: The News