Ode to Karachi

Ode to Karachi

By Maqbool H H Rahimtoola
The morning mist settles
To the sound of wailing.
The young and the old,
All there in white,
Lifted towards their burials.

A war, a plague ?
No, just Karachi

To the sound of bullets,
The smell of death
Slowly walks this city.
But who cares ? No one.
More deaths, more suffering
The hospital beds are full.

A war, a plague ?
No, just Karachi.

The faithful come to pray,
Bombs explode and body
Parts fill our mosques.
Killed by brother Muslims,
Islam's Umma stands confused.

A war, a plague?
No , just Karachi

Fear in their eyes,
Dryness in their mouths,
Children tread these roads.
People leave for work
Who will return alive?
Random bullets fill our roads.

A war, a plague?
No, just Karachi

The gunmen move about,
With the message of death
Yet, remain untouched , un noticed
And invisible to the agencies.
Blind to the causes, the city buckle's
Confused and un cared for

Will it ever stop?
Who cares,

Its just Karachi!