A Deal With The Devil: What If The Unthinkable Happens?

A Deal With The Devil: What If The Unthinkable Happens?
What Would Be The First Challenge That Musharraf-PPP Govt. Will face?
One hopes it would never happen and all the pro-democracy forces will concentrate their efforts to defeat the military dictatorship in the country. But just in case, if it happens, what would be the situation like? Would it raise more questions than it could answer?

Rumors of a probable Musharraf-PPP government replacing the present set up have given rise to many questions. Some of them are:

What chances would such a dispensation have to steer the country out of the troubled waters or would it lead the country into further chaos and confusion? Would such a government be acceptable to a majority of the people or would it face an outright hostility?
Would it be able to solve the pressing issues that include the Constitutional matters related to the provincial autonomy and the distribution/ownership of resources under a new NFC? What would be its relationship with the parliament and the judiciary? Would it be able to end the over-centralization of powers and the concentration of much of the authority in the hands of the military establishment?
It would be interesting to see how the marriage of convenience between two divergent forces will work. How would the new regime handle the military operation in Balochistan? How would it tackle the so-called war on terror? How would it handle the military operation in the Pak-Afghan border areas?
People of Sindh would be cautiously watching the new government's policies towards Musharraf-MQM plans in the province to virtually red-Indianize the indigenous people. Would the new government continue the same policies of robbing the resources of Sindh and handing them over to the Center (& the Punjab) and the immigrants and the illegal aliens? Would Sindhi language and culture continue to be denied their rightful place?
What would the new set up do about the 'disappeared' activists? Would they be released or would they remain imprisoned in torture cells? People haven't yet forgotten the case of a lecturer Ashok Kumar who 'disappeared' in 1970s when the 'talented cousin' occupied the CM House in Sindh. His whereabouts remain unknown till this day. Would the new set up unleash a wave of terror on the indigenous Sindhis as has happened in the past?
But what would be the first challenge that a probable Mush-PPP alliance will face? Would it be the emergence of a PNA like grand movement albeit much stronger this time as many forces that didn't exist in 1970s or were sitting on the sidelines would eagerly join it this time?
What if Nawaz Sharif assumes the leadership of the new but a lot fiercer 'PNA' or say 'IJI'? What if he tried to land in Pakistan before his agreed exile term of ten years? Would Mush-PPP regime do to him what Mush/Chaudhry/MQM/MMA regime did to Shahbaz? What would be the consequences?
An explanation PPP offers for seeking 'understanding' with Musharraf is that any forceful agitation at this time would provide an opportunity to another adventurer to grab power. But what if the PNA like movement against Mush/PPP arrangement gathered strength? Isn't it possible that the resulting chaos and pandemonium would lead to a Martial Law ending only a few months' old Musharraf-PPP rule? Killed in infancy that is, isn't it?

Why to seek a deal with the devil to assume power with clipped wings and that too for only a few months? Doesn't the cost outweigh the sought after bargain?
(Do you think the 'PNA' or 'IJI' elements and jihadis have less support in the military establishment than the PPP could ever dream of? Please tell me who is living in the fools' paradise?)

Aziz Narejo
P.S. Until we see the deal, enjoy these two cartoons: http://www.dawn.com/2007/04/17/cart.htm